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Seiji Catallus Kojima's Journal
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Date:2003-06-04 14:40

The airplane landed on time. My brain is going into temporary shutdown in disbelief.


Yosh! Just saw Gamma-jiisan's reply. Heh, I'm half tempted to pick up someone just for kicks.

Aa, time to wander around for gamma-jiisan to find me.

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Date:2003-06-03 11:43

Gaijin airlines suck, especially Western ones. Well, not really but its irritating not to get a flight out early. I'm not going to make it in the time Gamma allotted.

That pisses me off.

I have enough time to crucify myself before my flight, pack, set up some more traps for Avatar and take out the infamous "Fuck me" shirt while I'm at it.

That shirt has so many memories. I remember Beta-jiisan's face when he saw me in it. Heh.

Date:2003-06-03 02:54

//secure socket layer script initialized
//firewall configuration set-up secured

Got an email from Gamma that was 100% WTF material.

Protocol? How about leash? I can and have done a lot of these things on my own before, why the need for someone to oversee me now when its a low-level mission? Could it be that Alpha doesn't trust me? Or am I reading too far into it than is needed?

Saaa....only time will tell. I can do without suspicions for the moment. A job is a job is a job. And I damn know I do a perfect job each time. OC tendencies tend to come in handy at these times. Heh.

Seeing those Vipers and Cobras would be sweet. I wonder if I can try one of those new tweaks I made without Gamma-jiisan suspecting it. Its certainly designed to increase system efficiency 20%. I can put it in now so he won't notice. Trigger it with an innocuous command...hmmnn...

Only one way to find out. ^_~

Date:2003-05-31 04:19

I wake up from a refreshing sleep and what do I see in my mail?

Training in a few days.

No porn, no guns. Fine fine. I can live without those.


Kisama. Nothing is going to separate me from my baby. I'm keeping em one way or another.

Date:2003-05-28 00:55

I need more coffee in my system. I can't crash now. This firewall is going up today and THEN let's see him get through it.

Helluva lot of scripting but damn, I'm proud of this baby. Buffer overflow, here we come, and THEN we see who you really are.

Date:2003-05-27 23:49

The fucking culprit!


Chain INPUT (policy ACCEPT)
target prot opt source destination

Chain FORWARD (policy ACCEPT)
target prot opt source destination

Chain OUTPUT (policy ACCEPT)
target prot opt source destination


No idiot should set his firewall up with nothing at all. Godfuckingdamnit! THIS is what let Avatar in.

I haven't checked everything enough. One of the technicians thought it would be fine to bring it down because his girlfriend had to ssh to his terminal.

Its NOT enough. I need to do more.

He is not going to win. Not now. Not ever.

Christ, I need a distraction.

Date:2003-05-19 00:12

This journal is getting to be my online thinkpad. Like muttering when I'm thinking. Or talking to myself. Love doing that. Wonder if I'm developing multi-personalities?


Yeah that's what I thought.

Well we did set-up the firewall right?


So there's nothing to worry about.


Good boy.

Date:2003-05-19 00:01

Lately I have been frequenting my old haunts, trolling through the subnets to catch up on the latest news, of who is still active and who is not. That sort of shite. You need to keep up with these things if you want to survive.

Talent just doesn't cut it anymore. Not if you want to stay on top.

Besides, sometimes you just need to hang out with people who know what you talk about.

People don't see us in the regular channels. Well, they do, but they'll never know the real ones from the lamers. And there are a LOT of lamers. Pretenders and would-be supplanters who talk the talk but have never tried to walk the real walk.

For one thing, lamers shout too much. Those who do so will find their heads in the guillotine far too easily. Then again, they're lamers. They try to imitate but those who still use wares will never feel the exhilaration of a real phreaker.

The real phreakers hide in anonymity. That is, when it comes to the Net at large. We're all the same the world over. Most of us will hide our talents from the rest of the world but we aren't able to resist crowing out our triumphs in the secrecy of our own clique.

There is always a phreakers' subchannel. Hard to crack into and by invitation only most of the time. I used to frequent numerous ones before the Circle.

Avatar, Zer0, Phoenix, Vorcel, Wildcat and Patriarch. In my day, they were the ones to be reckoned with. They still are. Sometimes, I can still see traces of the others' work left behind, signature codes not immediately noticeable but there. Like an “I was here” sign. We're grandstanders really. Or maybe just artists. Van Gogh used to sign his works, why not us? Especially when its such sweet work.

That's actually the reason why I trolled the old haunts. I saw Avatar's work when I went through a routine inspection of some of the tapped lines. If Avatar had business in my territory, I needed to know what it was. I needed to be ready.

Avatar is the single most dangerous phreaker in our clique. He does things with layers upon layers of innuendoes and traps that to quote Lex Luthor, “I wish I had hair so I can tear it out.” Unfortunately I have the hair but I don't want to tear it out. Not unless my neighbor of the moment wants to. If he wants to, I might consider it. Heh.

Going back to Avatar, he's playing mindgames. Nothing wrong with that. We do it all the time. But until now it has always been a friendly game of pouncing. Phreakers usually respect other phreakers once they know whose territory they're in. We leave signs that we were there, a friendly “tag, you're it” note just to keep the game fun then retreat. There are many systems and lamers to play around with. Fellow phreakers should be respected.

But this…he went in deep enough to be serious.

A challenge? Or another reason? An employer?

Regardless of reason, Avatar is stalking me. I am sure that in the wings, Vorcel or one of the others will be watching.

Its time for the wildcat to walk the walk. He's been waiting for something like this for a long time.

What a lovely day this is. Very, very lovely.

(I wonder if avatar will notice the particularly wicked daemon in the middle. If he even gets that far. ^_______^)

Date:2003-05-14 00:58

Tashkent's weather was warm. It's actually nice this time of the year if you can take roughing it. Public toilets are non-existent. Or should be labeled as a toxic wasteland. Really.

I like Russia and the CIS republics (barring toxic toilets). They have this old air of history. In some parts, the bucolic environment can almost make you imagine you have stepped into the past.

I can imagine Tousan's eyebrows vanishing into his hairline if he ever saw this entry. Me, interested in the past? He'd ask where his son is and who I was. Then again he'd probably just say "Troikas with skis, ne? Bakemono Russian drivers?"

Well, they must feel like olden Ducatis.

Saaa, enough of that.

All these speculations of Karimov dying makes me think of the Roman Pope. After all, people have been wondering just when both will die. For different reasons, of course, but the parallel situation amuses me.

Khanabad is secure. Then again, the situation is moot, as Alpha must have realized.

All's well that ends well.

I wonder if I can ask Hiroaki to build me a makeshift troika when I visit...

Date:2003-05-05 20:50
Mood: aggravated

There is such a thing as listening to objections. I'm sure everyone has heard about it. I certainly have. So will someone bloody please enlighten Alpha of this fact.

I know he's the leader. I respect him. But he does not listen. I do not want to BE epsilon.

The logical thing would be to accept the position. One would be an idiot not to. Unless said idiot was like me. I chafe at commands given without explanations, Unless I see the logic behind it.

I cannot be epsilon. I am omikron. Epsilon is dead.

The ramifications about this go through my head. Reorganization, new responsibilities, new members as well, if Alpha so decides. The learning curve and all that shite, yes, but something more.

Ah hell.

Alpha, I know you can see this. I'm going to put up a firewall on this thing as thick as Jacques' head.

Yes, this is a patented brattish tantrum. Thank you.

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